Public transport in Palermo

First of all let’s make something clear: Palermo is a highly-populated and lively city, and its inhabitants tend to use the two or four wheels even for a few minutes’ destinations. The result is a busy city where roads are often meant for vehicles rather than pedestrians. Tourists will anyway enjoy the city in a better way by walking throughout the area – an advice that suits any touristic destination. Of course, travelling by feet is not always possible: other means of transport may be required. If you wish to rent villas in Palermo or its environs for your holidays [...]

Villas in Sicily with pool and introduction !

Travelling Sicily is proud to present you this first post about Sicily, the island of sun, about the villas in Sicily with pool that you need to find to have a really great vacation. You will find also in all the website all what you need to travelling in Sicily of course but, to be more serious, how to organize your trip in Sicily with a lot of tourism information about Sicily, what to see, where to eat and so on… Travelling Sicily has been created to be a fair and useful travel guide to Sicily ! Sicily, is the [...]

Villas in Sicily

Are you planning to visit Sicily and you still have doubts about the best accommodation options? Why not considering renting a Villa in Sicily all for yourself then? Prices may seem higher, but have you confronted daily hotel rates with stunning Villas weekly fees? With that same money, you could eventually afford a Bed & Breakfast! The truth is, when planning a holiday in another country, the first instinct is to consider staying in a hotel. But is that the smartest choice to experience a territory like Sicily and what about price-quality ratio? Renting a Villa in Sicily would certainly [...]

Holidays in Sicily

Ancient Greek and Roman history, culture and folklore, excellent food and wine, strong origins and traditions…Sicily has it all! Talking about its territory, nature wonders offer unique and colourful landscapes: green from gardens and soils, red fire from volcanoes, crystal blue from seas, stony black and white sandy beaches. Sicily entices you with sunny days, magic colours, intense scents and a unique cuisine coming from lots of different cultures. Holidays in Sicily is just more than simple tourism. It is like mixing up many different ingredients for a very satisfying end result: stunning nature and landscapes, warm and friendly local [...]