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Sicily from inside » Central Sicily

Splendid mosaic in Piazza Armerina

Unperturbed from the typical mass tourism flooding Sicilian coasts, Central Sicily boasts a different atmosphere than any other Sicily destinations. This territory hosts isolated mountain villages, such as Enna, Nicosia, Leonforte, Aidone and Sperlinga, lying on hilltops and offering therefore stunning views of Nebrodi Mountains, Plain of Catania and even Mt. Etna. Within this fascinating contest of “Sicily without sea”, ancient farming traditions, pasture, cultivated fields, rural farms and abandoned mines witness how farming, mining and sheep-farming have led local economy for many years influencing landscapes and people’s lifestyle even today. The charming Enna, called from the ancient Greeks “Umbilicus [...]

Directories » Entertainment

Bookings Box Office, Via Cavour 133, Palermo. Tel 091-335 566. Box Office, Via G. leopardi 95, Catania. Tel 095-722 53 40. Ricordi Media Store, Via Sant’Euplio 38, Catania Ticket One, Opera, Theatre, Classical Music Centro Nazionale Studi Pirandelliani, Via Santa Lucia 27, Agrigento. Tel 0922-290 52. Cuticchio Puppets Theatre, Via Bara all’O livella 95, Palermo. Tel 091-323 400. Museo delle Marionette, Via Bufera 1, Palermo. Tel 091-328 060. Ortygia Festival, Via Agatocle 51, Syracuse. Tel 0931-483 648. Teatro Biondo, Via Teatro Biondo 11, Palermo. Tel 091-743 43 00. Teatro delle Marionette, Via Nazionale per Catania [...]

Directories » Specialist Holidays and Outdoor Activities

Sailing Centro Nautica (charter & rental), Baia Levante, Vulcano. Tel 090-982 21 97. Centro Vela (courses) Lampedusa. Etnasail, Catania. Tel 095-712 69 52. Gulliver (rental and courses), Favignana. Lipari Harbour Office. Tel 090-981 32 22. Ustica Harbour Office. Tel 091-844 96 52. Nauta (charter & rental), Lipari. Tel 090-982 23 05. Nautica Levante (charter & rental), Salina. Tel 090-984 30 83. Onda Eoliana (rental). Tel 090-984 40 10. Rinauro (charter & rental), Stromboli. Tel 090-986 156. Sailing Information, Sopravvento (rental & courses), Pantelleria. Syracuse Sailing Team (charter). Tel 0931-608 08. Trinacria Sailing. [...]