Villas in Sicily with pool and introduction !

Travelling Sicily is proud to present you this first post about Sicily, the island of sun, about the villas in Sicily with pool that you need to find to have a really great vacation. You will find also in all the website all what you need to travelling in Sicily of course :-) but, to be more serious, how to organize your trip in Sicily with a lot of tourism information about Sicily, what to see, where to eat and so on… Travelling Sicily has been created to be a fair and useful travel guide to Sicily !

Sicily, is the island of sun as we say, surrounded by a crystal blue sea. Besides, reaching the beach daily, as well as swimming in the salty sea water, might be a ,little exhausting though. If you are considering renting a villa in Sicily for your holidays and you believe that choosing a Sicily Villa with pool would be unnecessary, maybe you should ponder the overview! The dreamy Villa you want to spend your holiday into might be located in the countryside, far away from the coast. Also, even if you select a seafront Villa, that doesn’t mean you won’t get tired long term, especially if you have kids! Besides, to have a private pool at your disposal means having full privacy as well as a valid option when beaches are overcrowded, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays when both tourists and local people fill every land inch.

Sicily offers beautiful beaches along with blue, clean sea but renting a Villa with a pool is not just a mere whim. Some seaside resorts close to your Villa might have a public swimming pool, but it would generally be overcrowded at any time or even dirty and sharing it with other people might result not quite a pleasant experience.

Also, some people don’t like swimming in deep, cold, open sea and they want to know what they are stepping at all the time, seeing through the water. In any case, a pool is a safer place to swim without the dangers of waves or unexpected currents, especially for the kids. These last won’t complain at all if you leave them playing and splashing in the Villa private pool with a baby-sitter watching them while you are out for shopping or for an excursion.

Have you also considered how many amusing and unforgettable pool parties you could hold by your Villa pool with your friends? Even in autumn and winter, when it is not too cold outside, setting an aperitif or a dinner by the Villa pool would create a fantastic atmosphere, adding that perfect touch of class your event just needed. A holiday Villa with a pool will be a real haven from the crowd of Sicilian life and beaches during the summer and will provide you with a memorable and unforgettable holiday in Sicily. Just think what it would be like to sit and have breakfast pool side, under a big, colourful umbrella, your morning coffee and your favourite book. A real outdoor oasis for your relax! A stunning, sensational pool will surely complete the idyllic Sicily holiday Villa setting, bringing a piece of blue sky and sea close to your sight. The green from the mountains and trees surrounding the Villa will just render the typical Sicilian landscape and colours just in front of your eyes!

Villas in Sicily with pools will be an amazing, continuous experience for you, your family and your friends all along the vacation time, especially if you do not have a swimming pool back from vacation to your home.

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