Villas in Sicily

Are you planning to visit Sicily and you still have doubts about the best accommodation options?

Why not considering renting a Villa in Sicily all for yourself then?

Prices may seem higher, but have you confronted daily hotel rates with stunning Villas weekly fees?

With that same money, you could eventually afford a Bed & Breakfast!

The truth is, when planning a holiday in another country, the first instinct is to consider staying in a hotel. But is that the smartest choice to experience a territory like Sicily and what about price-quality ratio?

Renting a Villa in Sicily would certainly be an extraordinary experience and a winning choice for several different reasons. Villas available in Sicily are marvellous, spacious, and many of them have a private pool as well. You would have all Villa room for yourself – kitchen included. This means that, if you are keen to try local food products and would like to have some fun cooking an excellent Sicilian meal, you will have the chance to do that without any restriction. Most of the Villas offer indeed special options as cooking services or even Sicilian cooking classes at the Villa directly. Imagine how much you would enjoy cooking with your friends and family some fresh fish bought directly from fishermen at the local harbour! And there would be much more. What about learning how to make ceramic crafts? Caltagirone is famous all over the world for its beautiful and colourful ceramics, Taormina for leisure and culture. In some Villas there, a ceramics expert will be at your disposal teaching you all the secrets on how to make a lovely ceramic pot! And for those couples planning to get married, why not renting a stunning Villa in Sicily for your elegant and exclusive wedding to set the catering service? Besides, some Villas in Sicily have a small chapel inside where the wedding ceremony could be celebrated. In short, wedding ceremony and catering within the same exquisite and scenic mansion and you would keep on saving money as the Villa would host your family members as well as all of your friends! Any other special service? For sure! If you need to relax during your holiday, a baby-sitter would take care of the kids while they have fun in the Villa pool. Also, if you are planning to bring your pet along, most of the Villas in Sicily would welcome your little friends, especially if properties are surrounded by big gardens and flowerbeds. Other important aspects you should consider would be privacy as well as quietness; envisage your perfect holiday scenario: a sensational multi-floor Villa (possibly with pool), an amazing landscape on the horizon with a crystal blue sea on a side and mountains on the other, while cicadas on the background sing in hot days and… peace and quiet all around! Dare to ask for more?

Villa comforts and advantages definitely outnumber those offered by a hotel and would certainly encourage guests interaction with local people and territory. If you are looking for a unique experience in Sicily, then do rent a Villa and you will really feel like home!

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